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Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities

Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities

Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities

About Us

The Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities is responsible for acting on behalf of the University president regarding all aspects of student discipline. The office receives reports of alleged student misconduct relative to Title 5, California Code of Regulations, and investigates complaints in order to determine whether University disciplinary action is to be pursued. University disciplinary action may run concurrently with civil or criminal action and/or the residence hall eviction process which is initiated by the court system. One type of judicial action does not necessarily affect the other.

Campus related violations include both academic and non-academic misconduct, misconduct in the off-campus surrounding community, off-campus community-sponsored events, and online sites.

In support of the mission of San Diego State University, the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities educates campus community members about the Student Code of Conduct and assists in the development of students as good citizens.

In order to carry out this mission, we strive to:

  • Demonstrate care for individual students, their educational aspirations, and personal development
  • Help students and parents understand the importance of accountability
  • Increase retention by encouraging students to make appropriate, ethical and positive choices
  • Decrease risk behaviors through intervention and appropriate sanctioning
  • Ensure that students’ due process and privacy rights are protected
  • Provide outreach, educational materials and advisement to students, faculty and staff regarding the Student Code of Conduct and system wide processes.

Student COVID Policies

The safety and success of all members of the SDSU community are of paramount importance.  For this reason, students are expected to adhere to and uphold the following policies as a commitment to their personal safety and well-being, and that of the entire SDSU community.  Although this policy is specific to SDSU students, the following policies are consistent with what we expect from the rest of our campus community.  Policies are in effect at all times and in all locations, including residence halls, classrooms, public restrooms, open office and common spaces, hallways, meeting rooms, libraries, theaters, and other indoor spaces. Students who fail to abide by these policies may be reported to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.   

  • Facial coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth while on campus. Students must supply their own face coverings. Face coverings may be cloth or disposable and may not have vents or exhalation valves (other than approved NIOSH rated N95 masks). Students who are enrolled in an in-person course, but are unable to wear a face covering should contact Student Ability Success Center. 
  • A minimum distance of not less than six feet from others while on campus must be maintained at all times. 
  • Face coverings may be removed while a student is in their own residence hall room or apartment, is actively eating, drinking, or strenuously exercising.  Physical distance from others must be maintained when engaging in these activities. 
  • Students who enter buildings and facilities and are not wearing a face covering over their mouth and nose will be asked to leave. 
  • Students must maintain consistent hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing and cleaning of any work areas used while on campus. Students may want to consider bringing sanitizer or wipes for use in common areas, although students without those supplies will not be refused access.  
  • Students must refrain from hosting or attending gatherings of groups larger than those allocated in the guidelines provided by the state of California, San Diego County, and San Diego State University.  When public health guidance permits group gatherings and activities, students must maintain physical distancing and wear a facial covering. 


    All members of our campus community are expected to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols and policies. Signage will be placed around campus to remind students, faculty, and staff that face coverings are required and how to properly wear a face covering. For additional information, visit

  * This policy may be subject to change based on orders, requirements, and guidance from federal, state, and local authorities, or from the University. 

Report a student violation of COVID-19 policies.